Jazz cruise with popular Slovak singer Peter Lipa

08.09.2023 - 17:00

Musical cruise with Peter Lipa on the ship Harmónia.

55.00 € Buy a ticket

Spend the afternoon on the waves of the river Danube accompanied by music that will be heard during the cruise to Devín and back to Bratislava.

The concert of Peter Lipa - the most important personality of the Slovak jazz scene will offer traditional jazz in a non-traditional place. 

Jazz legend will create an unforgettable atmosphere of a summer evening .....

Arrival on the ship: 17: 00- 17:30

Cruise associated with the concert: 17: 30- 19:30

Departure from the ship: 19: 30- 20:00



Adult ticket: 55 euro

Children ticket: up 11 years old -  30 euro

Additional 10% discount when buying online.

The cruise will take place with a minimum of 100 passengers.

It will be possible to buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the ship, also street food. 

Pets are not allowed on board.

Important information:

  • Internet tickets can be bought at the latest 24 hours before the cruise. In case that it´s not possible to buy them more than 24 hourse before the cruise, it means that the cruise is full or there is clossed society. In case that you want to buy a ticket later then 24 hours before, we advice you to contact us via phone: +421 252 932 226 or via email: travel@lod.sk.

  • General Transport Terms and Conditions are part of the Cruise Timetable 2023. Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc., reserves the right to change prices, terms and schedules in view of facts not known at the closing time of the Cruise Timetable 2023

55.00 € Buy a ticket