General transport terms and conditions

Ticket reservation

You can book your tickets at Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. with its seat in the building of the Passenger Port during its opening hours published on, in person or via phone at +421-2-529 32 226, at the contractor‘s office. Bookings for programs are received no later than 48 hours before the cruise.

Booking validity

Booking is valid 72 hours from check-in. Within 72 hours, you must send a binding order in writing (for groups of 10 people) or settle a booking. By booking settlement or sending a written order, the Customer / Passenger ag- rees to General Transport Terms and Conditions of the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc.

All ticket bookings are subject to cancellation no later than 30 minutes prior to cruise departure.

The captain of the ship as well as an authorized emplo- yee of the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Ship- ping, Inc. are entitled to refuse passengers transporta- tion in case of lack of space on board and to refuse to provide accompanying programs without prior booking.

Terms of Payment

Tickets can be purchased:

1. In person with no previous booking. Passengers are no longer entitled to be issued a ticket in the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. 15 minutes before the boat departure.

2. In person based on the previous booking in the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. Booked tickets can be purchased up to 30 minutes before the boat departure at the latest. Uncollected booked tickets expire 30 minutes before the boat departure at the latest unless stated otherwise on the booking confirmation. Tickets can be paid in cash, by VISA, EC / MC, Maestro.

3. Online at

4. Wire transfer to the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. bank account on the basis of an advance payment invoice. With groups of 10 and more people for cruises with received binding order, buyer/passenger receives an advance payment invoice. The payment is only possible by wire transfer.

5. Under specified terms, onboard after previous booking at the shipping company.

Discounts and special offers

Discounts and special offers for each cruise are listed in the timetable next to every cruise. They cannot be combined. Discounts cannot be granted for already issued ticket/voucher, boarding pass.

Change of the cruise date

Change of the cruise date from part of the buyer/passenger after receiving a written order or with already purchased tickets is possible for a fee:

Sightseeing cruises:

When the cruise date is changed no later than 1 hour before the departure for a fee of 2.00€ / person, after that the change is impossible.

The change of the date is possible only when the ticket and the tax receipt are presented.

Travel ticket / Voucher / Check book

The travel ticket can only be used for the line or cruise on which it was issued. Passengers are required to keep a ticket during the whole trip until they leave the port. If the passenger cannot prove a valid ticket, the ticket price will be charged + a fine of full fare.

By purchasing a ticket, passengers agree with the General Transport Terms and Conditions.

Cancelation conditions

Sightseeing cruises:

A) For individual passengers (up to 10 persons):

If a ticket is returned at least 1 hour before the trip, the passenger is entitled to obtain the refund of the fare, reduced by 25%. If a passenger returns a ticket less than an hour or does not board the cruise, he / she is not entitled to a refund

B) For groups (from 10 persons):                                        cancellation fee:

• Withdrawal within 30 days prior to shipping                  without charge

• Withdrawal 30 - 15 days prior to shipping                                  30%

• Withdrawal 14 - 9 days prior to shipping                                    50%

• Withdrawal 8 - 3 days prior to shipping                                      75%

• Withdrawal 2 days or less prior to shipping                              100%

• Non-shipping                                                                                   100%

Cancellations must be made in writing and the date of delivery is deemed to be the date of the cancellation. Travel tickets purchased via internet cannot be reversed and the amount is non-refundable, except such cases that are specified in the General Transport Terms and Conditions (Force Majeure).

Refunds of tickets purchased from contractual ticket dealers of the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. need to be claimed at the place where the tickets were purchased. Refunds are only possible after presentation of a ticket and a tax receipt.


a/ Luggage: a passenger is entitled to take his luggage without payment if it is easy to carry, if it is not sub- mitted to special regulations and if it cannot cause damage or dirt to other passengers, to the vessel or to its interior: a maximum weight 25 kg on a sightseeing boat. The passenger has to pay to the carrier €1,- for every kg of overweight

b/ Bicycles: admitted only when the vessel is not fully occupied, subject to prior booking.

c/ Animals: a dog transport is allowed under defined conditions and for a fee of € 3,-. Transportation of a guide dog for a blind person is free of charge. The carrier reserves the right to refuse a transportation of a dog. The passenger is required to report the dog‘s transportation along with the cruise booking. A dog must wear a muzzle and be on a leash at all times.

d/ Passengers with reduced mobility: Passengers with reduced mobility are transported under the same conditions as other passengers. In case of special care for persons with reduced mobility when boarding or leaving the ship, please inform the travel agency‘s staff when booking a cruise or before buying a ticket.

e/ Wheelchair passengers: Ships and platforms of the Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc. are adapted to barrier-free access to the ship, but some transitions between the ship and the platforms are difficult for wheelchair users. For individual passengers, we are able to help you get on board in advance when you check in.

Stay and safety on the ship

- Check-in and boarding begin 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the ship and end with the scheduled departure of the ship. Upon expiry of the above mentioned limit, passengers are no longer entitled to shipping and are without any entitlement to refund or change of booking.

- Please, contact the travel agency about the platform and the name of the ship on the day of cruise.

- Every passenger is entitled to a free seat selection. The seat booking is not possible.

- Passengers are obliged to follow instructions and orders of the crew of the vessel, which strives to ensure his safety and the safety of other passengers or the safety and continuity of operation of the vessel itself.

- The captain is entitled to exclude such persons from the transport that are under the influence of alcohol and ot- her drugs or their behaviour offends public or can threaten order, property located on board of the vessel or the life and health of passengers and the crew members.

Force Majeure

In the event of timetable alterations due to force majeure (unfavourable water conditions, fog, etc.), technical reasons (boat, lock chambers) or halting cruises on the Danube by competent authorities, we will provide the passenger with:

a/ alternative transportation provided the client had a return ticket purchased,

b/ if the passenger does not travel, we will refund the full amount or offer an alternative term.


The entry to the ship is allowed to every person according to the current government regulations related to public health protection.

Passengers are recommended to use hand sanitizers.

In order to preserve the flow and security of the cruises, the crew can exclude a passenger, in case, he/she does not comply with the current measures – without any entitlement to compensation or refund.

Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc., reserves the right to change the terms and conditions according to the adjustments and changes of the government’s regulations.

Reimbursement of damages caused to the carrier

The passenger who causes damage to the carrier is obliged to replace this damage in its full extend.


The carrier has a statutory contracted liability insurance policy.

The complete version of General Transport Terms and Conditions can be found on the website or are upon your request at our travel agency.

All prices include VAT.

Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc., reserves the right to change.

Slovak Shipping and Ports – Passenger Shipping, Inc., reserves the right to change prices, terms and schedules in view of facts not known at the closing time of the Cruise Timetable.