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Regular Cruises

Favourable geographical location of the Slovak capital offers wide range of natural beauties to be admired along the river Danube. However, by no means less attractive are the country's historical sights and monuments spreading on the banks of this beautiful river. Besides our hydrofoil express boat trips between Bratislava and Vienna, we offer sightseeing trips of the Bratislava city, or trips to Devín Castle and Čunovo.


International Cruises 

Fast and comfortably on the Danube river since 1964

Bratislava - Vienna - Bratislava

Vienna - Bratislava - Vienna

Regular cruises by hydrofoil express boats from April to October



Sightseeing Cruises 

Experience the most beautiful sights of Bratislava

Bratislava - Devin Castle     Bratislava Round Trip

Bratislava - Čunovo

Regular cruises by sightseeing boats from April to September



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