The SPaP-LOD company operates 6 cruise ships of different types, which are equipped to serve different functions.

  • Our three hydrofoil express boats, each with capacity of 112 seats, closed deck and a snack bar operate as scheduled between Bratislava and Vienna
  • Sightseeing boats MS Martin and MS Presov operate our sightseeing cruises in Bratislava and its surroundings
  • Fully air-conditioned cruise boat MS Žilina is available for private hire all year round

Our boats can be chartered for organized groups, businesses, travel agencies, etc. Choose your own route, time of the cruise and order supplementary services.

  • Hydrofoils

    Fast and comfortably on Danube

     Slovak Shipping and Ports - Passenger Shipping company operates 3 hydrofoils (Meteor type), each with capacity of 112 seats....

  • Sightseeing boats

    Enjoy the panorama of the Danube

    Sightseeing boats MS MARTIN and MS PRESOV operate our sightseeing cruises in Bratislava and its surroundings. The vessels have two decks, lower deck with...

  • Restaurant boat Žilina

    Best events are on Danube

    Are you organizing a party for your colleagues, family or relatives? Imagine a pleasant company, delicious food and a program full of...